Carptree is a Swedish duo made of Carl Westholm (keyboards, composer, producer) and Niclas Flinck (vocals, composer, lyrics). Niclas and Carl first played together in the 80:th in a local symphonic rock band for a couple of years so they have a long history together but as Carptree they have been working since 1997.
After spending to much time in projects and situations where the music always had to suffer due to commercial interests or pure fear of what others might think they started Carptree as a project where they could be completely independent. No band to compromise with, no company to dictate the terms, no second thought likes "is this song too long...?"

"Will anybody understand or like this?"
As a result of that they started their own label FOSFOR Creation to release the first album. That worked out better than expected so Superhero was released in the same way, but now with better selling figures that made sure that the third album was recorded. By then Thomas Waber at InsideOut who made a licence deal concerning that album. On the latest release "Insekt" they are back on their own label in full control. Carptree is a duo but are almost always accompanied by the No Future Orchestra (NFO), a group of people from known and unknown other Swedish acts, who adds their personal touch, more or less frequent, according to Carptree and the questions of what, when and who? This is also the basis for other important person (OIP) who goes in and out of the creative process of making a Carptree album. Carptree is a duo with the creative process in their hands but with NFO and OIP plus a wide variety of influences the music and sound of Carptree is consistent, variable and somewhat eclectic.

2008, 2009 and 2013 Carl released three albums under the name 
Jupiter society. Beside this Carl has also been active in a lot of Swedish Heavy Metal acts, he is a member of Avatarium and appears on all their albums and on all live shows. He was also a member of KRUX that released three albums, and for a short period he was also a member of Candlemass and is still doing most of their keyboards as well as on Leif Edlings most recent solo project Doomsday Kingdom