Between extremes

Vinyl Maxi single

Nymf 2010

The latest release, a sequel to Insekt and the next step in the evolution of Carptree
Kicking and collecting
Land of plenty
Weight of the knowledge
Insekt 2007

Still with No future orchestra, recorded during late 2005 and 2006. Produced in the same way as the previous, drums recorded in GIG studios in Stockholm, Bass in SF machinery. Studio FOSFOR still mobile so vocals are recorded both in Stockholm, Jönköping and Rosendal. The Chamber choir present again recorded in Trollhättan october 2006.
Taxonomic days
My index finger
Move with ease
Man Made Machine 2005

On MMM Carptree is more progressive than earlier with a heavier approach and perhaps an even darker mood. This is the second album with the No future orchestra, and here the band is present mostly all along. Studio FOSFOR now completely mobile so vocals is recorded both in Stockholm, Vetlande and Rosendal. Here we also hear Trollhättan chamber choir on one song, arranged by Carl. Carptree's own Label FOSFOR Creation released the first edition of 1000 copies but later licensed the album to InsideOut.
Sunshine waters
Man made machine
In the centre of an empty space

Weakening sound
Superhero 2003

Superhero is a progression onwards for Carptree into a darker landscape with a more melancholic atmosphere. Here The no future orchestra is introduced witch gives a bit more organic sound. If the first album was an experiment, this album consolidates Carptree as a truly progressive band.
Host vs. Graft
Into the never to speak of
Carptree, 2001

The first release. Seen by some as a kind of blueprint for the following albums. The original recipe if you like. The style of composition, arrangement, sound etc that is the foundation of Carptree is all there but with a lighter touch. A fine debut album that shows the basis of Carptrees personality. This was recorded between 1998-2000 in a period when Both Niclas and Carl wanted to be independent and try not to involve more people than they needed why there is no real drum and just some bass on the album.
Nowhere to grow
Together alive