Ulf Edelönn:
Played with Carl ever since 1987 in different constellations, also a very good friend of both Niclas and Carl. Ulf has appeared on all Carptree albums and is without doubt the most important person to Carptree. Besides being a very good guitar player with both a delicate touch and sound he has a good ear and good judgement, his opinion has been asked for more than once concerning everything from compositions to mixing. He will of course join the band on all live occasions

Stefan Fandén:
Was initially invited to mix a song or two on the Superhero album with a good result why this is an ongoing co-operation with him mixing more and more songs. On Superhero he also ended up playing some bass as well and since then his distorted Rickenbacker and other basses is now on more than half of the songs.
Jesper Skarin. A well established both bassplayer and leadsinger, in this context he appears on drums on both songs on the new maxi and the coming album.    
Jejo Perkovic:
Also a constant member of NFO ever since our first recording with live drums. After this programming seems more and more uninteresting...
He played as a professional musician with Carl in the early 90:th, and later in Stockholm played with him on Some Heavy Metal Albums with both Candlemass and Abstract Algebra. Besides all this Jejo is the drummer of the Swedish band Infinite mass.
Cia Backman:
Has since Man Made Machine been singing a lot of background vocals on several songs. Has been singing with a lot of various Swedish acts.
Öivin Tronstad:
A short period in the same band as Carl and Jejo in the early 90:th. Ever since the first album his vocal stunts has been a big part of Carptree¥s sound. He is also a good guitar player.
Kjell Bjarnhage:
Played some snare drum on Superhero. Heís also a professional musician that Carl has known since the same school where he met Ulf and Jan.
Jan Hellman:
Appeared with some bass on the first three albums. Heís a good friend of Carl ever since they were music students. He runs a recording studio in Stockholm and is very interested in everything about the movie "Pearl Harbour"
Jonas Waldefeldt:
A friend of both Niclas and Carl since late teenage, he is a professional musician and music teacher that we tried on Man Made Machine, due to the good result heís playing on many songs on Insekt. Carl forces him to play on his Cajun, some kind of wooden box with a great sound that blends very nice with the drums.

Other important people:


Pål Olofsson:
Our own Roger Dean!
Hes work with our covers ever since the first album can not be overvalued. By now every other cover artist seems impossible. People have bought the records only after seeing the cover.

Björn Eriksson:
Known both Carl and Niclas since childhood. Since Superhero Carl has used
his almost uncontrollable genius to add something extra to the mixes, and on
Insekt Carl did not dare to mix a single song without the aid of Björn.

Trollhättan chamber choir:
Started as an experiment on man made machine, the arrangement and recording
turned out well. On Insekt the choir appears on two songs, maybe not as prominent as on Man made machine but as delicate.